The Event That Changed My Life

Mike and Amanda had their daughter dedicated to the Lord in June 2011.

Today, February 7th is the date on my son’s tombstone, but February 5th is the day he was about to make a left turn into the apartment complex where he lived, when he was slammed into by a car and pushed 100 feet up the road into a telephone pole and left to die. His neck was broken, his heart had stopped, and his leg was severed. His 23 year old girlfriend had to find him like that, lying next to his wrecked motorcycle, in the dark, by himself. It was a hit and run. I’m sorry she has that image somewhere in her brain. How awful that must be for her.

His tombstone has the date of the 7th because the emergency crew did their job and started his heart again, brought him to the hospital and he was hooked up to a ventilator. He was pronounced brain dead on February 7th. A piece of my heart died with him that day. A cry from deep within me poured out of me like never had before or since. I don’t even remember the doctor’s exact words. I only remember the “I’m sorry to have to tell you this…” and “brain dead”. I just knew what they meant, he was gone. I think I screamed “No!” and still want to scream “No!” to this day.

That was seven years ago. My son had a little baby girl at the time. Isabella, my beautiful granddaughter. Her mommy recently got engaged and I talked with her on the phone. I asked her, “Are you happy your mommy and Jason got engaged?” Her response surprised me, “Yes but I miss my daddy in heaven” I’m really not sure why she responded that way. She can’t possibly really remember him, she was only 9 months old. I wasn’t sure what to say. I said, ” Well, me too but we’ll get to see him again someday.” I look forward to that day but all in God’s timing. This life is hard to understand. I do thank God for sending me the very clear message when Mike died that it was NOT Random! That HE IS IN CONTROL! If you would like to hear more about that check back in with me again. I’ll write more on that later. Thanks for visiting my new blog!

7 thoughts on “The Event That Changed My Life

  1. Christina,
    I love that you recognize that the accident had a purpose. This blog could very well be that purpose. You have shared so much faith with me and there are so many people out there that have lost children and need to hear your words and know they are not alone. God shines through you, HE loves you and so do I! Thank you.

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  2. Hugs!! Faith carries me through everyday. I don’t know why such horrific things happen to good people. I know I only knew your brother for 5 short years but my memories are like yesterday. I would do it all over again, even knowing what I know now. Things happen for a reason. You are a beautiful loving person who has gone through an unimaginable loss. But we both have our Michaels’ who are always with us as our guardian angels. Until we see them again🤗

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  3. You are so right Christina.
    God is in control and I know he is holding you close.
    Hoping you find some comfort in your granddaughter.
    Prayers and hugs for you.

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