Search For God

Photo by Stan Swinnen on

There once was a young man named Mike,
who loved all kinds of fun, especially his bike.

His life had been kinda hard,
his childhood memories scarred.

He went on a search, 
it started in church.

He hiked up mountains and snowboarded down, 
he swam and he dove and searched all around.

He was strong and he was brave,
his own path he would pave.

He ruled out the lies,
and saw God in his newborn's blue eyes.

When he saw his baby's face,
he knew he'd been given God's merciful grace.

Grace for all his messed up mistakes,
saying "yes" to Jesus is all that it takes.

When his search was over, no one knew
that soon, his short life would be too.

I had prayed every night, as his mother,
for him, his sisters and brother.

I'm so glad he took the time,
to find his God given peace of mind.

Now I wear on my wrist Psalm 23
as a daily reminder of God's love for me.

Mike and Amanda had their daughter dedicated to the Lord in June 2011.

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