Have You Ever Been Inconvenienced For God?

Have you ever been “inconvenienced” for God? Do you like everything in it’s place? Do you like things done in a certain way? Is your time valuable to you? Most people would answer “yes” to these questions. Are you willing to let God use you? Often times we say we are, but are you willing to go out of your way to take someone home who needs a ride? Or what if God asks you to let someone live with you for awhile?

This happened to me recently. When we are used by God, he stretches us. I wouldn’t consider myself O.C.D. (obsessive compulsive disorder) or even picky, but sometimes we get stuck in our ways of doing things and don’t even realize it. That is, until you get stretched by God. Is it really important what side of the stove the tea kettle sits? Or if the toilet lid is closed, or how the dishes are put in the dishwasher? No, the bigger picture is that a child of God’s is not on the street tonight, because God loves them. If you want to be used by God, you must be willing to be “inconvenienced”. It won’t always be comfortable. God likes to stretch us. He needs us to come out of our comfort zones sometimes, for his purposes.

If you have ever been in a hard place when someone reached out to help you, then you know how much it meant to you. They were like Jesus “hands and feet” to you. I’ve been in that situation and it feels nice to be able to “give back”. Sometimes people just need a listening ear, connected to a caring heart. Can you make time to listen? I know life seems so busy, but God gave us our life. We can give him some time to be his servant. The woman who stayed with us, while going through cancer treatment is very grateful and knows that God took care of her because he loves her. That is much more important, then everything being in “its place.” Who knows just how much God can use us if we are willing to be “inconvenienced” for him?

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